What Is The Best Protein Powder For Women?

One question that comes up a lot in the health and fitness world pertains to the type of food we should be eating in order to get into shape, burn fat, and build muscle. Often the answer that people get is to eat lean meats, increase their consumption of veggies, and other answers of that nature. Another tip that gets thrown around quite often is to start consuming protein powder.

Unfortunately many people do not really understand how to implement these tips effectively in their day-to-day lives. This is especially true with protein powder. With women in particular there seems to be the most confusion simply because the vast majority of information online about this topic is geared toward men.

Before we try to determine what the best protein powder for women is let’s first look at what the purpose of protein is in the body. For everyone, male and female, protein plays a vital role in cellular regeneration and muscle growth. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to call protein the primary building block that muscle is created with.

One of the biggest dangers of insufficient protein is the inhibition of our bodies to properly synthesize protein at the molecular level. This in turn causes us to have a more difficult time regenerating new tissue as old cells die off. Also recovering from injuries takes a far greater amount of time. On top of all this a lack of protein can also lead to low energy which is accompanied by an entirely different set of problems.

The point here is that protein is a crucial element to the body.

This brings us to the major questions at hand: What is the best protein powder for women? Who should be taking it and how should protein powder be used?

To answer these questions let’s first take a look at what types of protein powders are available on the market.

One of the most well known supplements of this type is whey protein. For many years now this supplement has been used as a means for athletes and muscle builders to add a quick burst of protein to their diet. The theory behind it is that whey is a fast metabolizing protein. Protein is a compound that typically is slow to be processed through our systems. This is why it can be used as a highly effective hunger suppressant.

Whey protein is unique in that our bodies can process it fairly quickly. When taken immediately before or after a workout session the theory is that the supplement will provide the body with protein right when it needs this nutrient the most.

For women whey protein powder is an excellent supplement to take in conjunction with exercise. There is no difference with how this supplement works in men or in women. One of the great things about whey is that it is readily available in powder form from a variety of manufacturers and in a large number of flavors. It is probably the easiest form of protein powder for people to get their hands on due to its popularity in the exercise world.

As mentioned above the best way to use this powder is right around the time that you will be doing a workout. Generally about 30 minutes before or up to 30 minutes after. The powder can be mixed with water, juice, or any other type of liquid that you find palatable. Experiment with it to find the flavors and mixture that you most prefer.

The other two types of protein powders that I want to mention here are soy and casein.

Soy protein powder has a normal digestion time. Meaning that it is absorbed into the body as fast as any average type of protein. It makes an excellent meal replacement for weight loss and has the added benefit of being relatively high in anti-oxidants. Women with soy sensitivities or diets that are already high in soy may want to avoid it.

Casein protein powder does not have the antioxidant effects of soy, but it is the slowest metabolizing protein that you can get. This makes casein the best powder to use as a meal replacement for the purposes of losing weight. The reason this matters is because the slower something is to metabolize the longer it stays in our stomachs. The result is that we feel fuller for a longer period of time. For example a person trying to use whey protein powder as a meal replacement would find themselves hungry again in a fairly quickly. While the person who drank a shake made out of casein powder would have their hunger satisfied for hours.

As you can see it is impossible to say what the best protein powder for women is. It really depends on why you are taking the supplements. For exercise whey is the best because it quickly enters into your system. For a meal replacement both soy and casein work quite well, although casein will give you a greater feeling of satisfaction. If you are simply trying to up your overall intake of protein then any of the powders are suitable. The most important thing to remember when you are taking these types of supplements is that your overall diet needs to be nutritionally balanced. Do not take too much protein and neglect the other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs.

Determining The Best Protein Powder For Women

Women do not typically think of using a protein powder because protein powders have traditionally been used by men. Women tend to think of protein powders as only used to bulk up and to pack on pounds, but this is not their only use. The best protein powder for women is one which provides high protein in a quick and simple mix.

Protein powder can really benefit women. Men tend to crave proteins. They like meat – chicken, ribs, and steak. Men generally make their protein goals since they prefer the foods packed with protein. Women, on the other hand, tend to like carbs – ice cream, cakes, bread, and pasta. This makes it harder to make their daily protein goals because they are not as likely to choose a chicken leg as their snack.

Protein is critical to any successful diet plan, so if women can not get their protein through their daily dieting, adding protein powder is a good way to get their daily protein requirement. Protein also plays an important role in a woman’s overall health and wellbeing, so adding protein powder helps meet those goals as well.

One of the great benefits of protein powder is that it comes in many flavors including the standards: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as butterscotch and cookies and cream. It also comes in fruit flavors and since women typically crave flavors like these, protein powders can help women curb these cravings.

Protein powders are also simple and quick, easy to mix as a shake and go. They can be used in combination with other foods like yogurt or oatmeal or in baking, again helping to curb cravings while still allowing women to get the sweets they like. There are actually recipes for protein powder cakes. There are many varieties of protein powders, so it is not as easy as just walking into a health food or supplement store and buying the first tub of protein powder on the shelf. It is important to make good, informed decisions when selecting the best protein powder for women.

The Benefits of Protein Powder for Women

There are great benefits to using protein powder for women. It not only helps a women meet her vital protein requirement, but also helps:

• Keep hunger levels under control
• Maintain lean muscle mass
• Keep blood sugar levels balanced and stable
• Rebuild and repair muscle tissue
• Assist with production of hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters
• Ensure function of the immune system
• Raise the metabolic rate

What to Look For in a Protein Powder

While men have used protein powder for years to help them build and maintain muscle mass, women are just beginning to understand its benefits. As women begin to use the gym more and more, they are also working hard to tone their bodies and lose weight as well. The combination of working out, toning up, and losing weight brings its own set of challenges. A woman’s body demands extra protein to repair the muscle tissue used during rigorous work-outs. This protein is typically not provided during a woman’s normal diet and can be added with protein powder.

One of the best ways to use protein powder is in protein shakes. They are convenient, easy, and delicious. There are also several benefits to using protein powder.

Better Muscle Growth – if a woman is looking to build muscle, she needs enough protein to ensure fast tissue replacement after working out and to promote muscle growth. The Whey Protein Institute conducted research showing protein powder is rich in leucine which is a protein that the body cannot produce. Leucine is known to enhance muscle growth and healing.

Improved Performance – Protein powder helps both athletes and regular women who are just trying to stay healthy. No matter the activity, any physical activity leads to a heavy use of proteins and the body needs proteins available for use. Protein powder contains branched-chain amino acids and is absorbed quickly into the body. This ensures the body has the necessary proteins to nourish muscles as the individual works out.

Loss of Fat – Women are naturally disposed to retaining more weight than men. Introducing protein powder into a diet can help reduce the amount of fat a woman has in her body and increase the muscle mass. As they continue to work out, their body will breakdown even more protein and the protein supplements will help them burn more the calories and lose even more fat. Illinois University’s Dr. Donald Layman conducted research proving that an individual’s protein supplement intake is directly proportional to their loss of body fat.

Reduce Chances of Contacting Diabetes – One of the primary health concerns in the world is Type 2 Diabetes, also called Adult Onset Diabetes. Many people consume foods which are low in nutrients and high in fat, a combination which tends to cause Type 2 Diabetes. Adding Whey Protein Powder to the diet helps increase protein in the diet and cuts the protein intake from high-fat foods which tend to be high in calories and fat. Powdered protein also helps decrease a body’s insulin level, as well as the blood’s sugar absorption rate.

Age Gracefully – Women today are pressured by society to look young and beautiful. As women age, their skin thins, their fat levels tend to increase, and their muscle mass decreases. Research by the US Department of Agriculture shows that taking powdered protein helps reduce the loss of muscle in women and also increases bone density.

Protein powders are getting more and more popular. Women, seniors, athletes, teens, kids, and convalescents are all using protein powder shakes and seeing great results. Protein is extremely important and a protein shake is one of the very best ways to add protein into the diet.

Determining which is the best protein powder for women should take into account the type of protein powder, the goal of using the powder, and the cost. From there, it is really a matter of taste and preference.